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Hello and welcome to the Easy Fresh Garden Garden Blog! We are so excited to share with you about the Tower Garden Technology that we have been using to grow our Easy Fresh Garden! The Tower Garden by Juice Plus is an Aeroponic gardening system that can be used indoors or outdoors all year round! You may be wondering how is this different than growing a traditional garden? Aeroponic gardening means that you can grow produce in a soil free environment. The Tower Garden's Vertical design can accommodate twenty full size plants like lettuces, tomatoes, squash and much more. Tower Gardens can be paid for in full at the time of purchase or in 12 interest easy payments as low as $51.67 per month, no credit check required! The Tower Garden also has expansion kits available for growing both full plants and micro greens! You can purchase a Tower Garden, Family or School Garden, additional accessories including a rolling dolly, grow lights, liquid nutrients and more at:

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